An original innovation from Drei-S-Werk ® – Made in Germany

  • Ideal for all moving parts under high pressure and temperature up to +1,400°C / +2,552°F
  • Suitable for ejector pins in injection molding and die-casting
  • Suitable for all guides, bearings and pins subject to high compressive loads
  • Cream-colored, silicone-free, easy to apply

Drei-S-Werk LubeSSS AWF 1400 ejector pin grease Auswerferfett

DREI-S-WERK “AWF 1400” supply units and delivery times:

40g Tube with sponge available from stock
1kg Tin available from stock
5kg/10kg/25kg Bucket please ask
500ml Aerosol please ask

Universal range of applications:
The cream-coloured, silicone-free special lubricant DREI-S-WERK AWF 1400 is an excellent all-round product. It has been developed as a lubricant for ejector pins of every type and size providing reliable protection for tools and thus increasing usage times in injection and die-casting moulds. In addition, thanks to its high degree of resistance to pressure it can successfully be implemented for lubricating guides, bearings and bolts.
Area of use:
Apply a thin layer or spray AWF 1400 to clean, grease-free parts. Due to the additives used AWF 1400 can be used very sparingly.
□ The thin application layer on ejector pins leads to increased  implementation times for ejector pins and moulds
□ Very good dry-running characteristics through solid lubricant and additives
□ Lubrication locations on guides, bearings and bolts have a longer service life
□ Can be used from -30°C up to +1,400°C / -22°F up to +2,552°F under conditions of high pressure
□ Advantages of DREI-S-WERK AWF1400 spray:
→ Improved dose
→ Optimized allocation “on hard to reach places” with an aerosol can.
Injection moulding:
Sparing use allows for sufficient lubrication without undesirable soiling of parts
Performs extremely well at high temperatures in contrast to previously used MoS2, which becomes crystalline at 350°C / approx. 226°F and has an abrasive effect.
Components and characteristics:

High performance lubricant made of highly refined mineral oil with the addition of solid lubricants and additives with the following characteristics:

□ Oxidation and milling stability
□ Corrosion inhibiting
□ Water resistant
□ Usage temperature from -30°C up to +1,400°C / -22°F up to +2,552°F
□ Tube: dropping point > 170°C / >126°F according to ISO 2176
□ Colour: cream-coloured
□ Tube: form paste
□ Spray: very thin lubricant
□ Silicone-free

Please refer to the safety data sheet before use.

Drei-S-Werk LubeSSS AWF 1400 ejector pin grease Auswerferfett